Smog Check Near Me
Smog Check Program’s Updated Test Technology Californians getting Smog Checks today may notice that the traditional tailpipe test used for many years has been replaced by a quicker, computer-based test for gasoline-powered cars model-year 2000 and newer, and for most diesel vehicles that are the model year 1998 and newer. This updated test uses the diagnostic capabilities […]
Winter can be hard on cars and challenge for drivers. Whether you’re planning a weekend trip to the mountains or a road trip to visit relatives, the following tips are crucial to keeping you and your family safe and your vehicle running at maximum performance. Check your owner’s manual and make sure your vehicle is […]Some vehicles that fail their smog inspections emit such high levels of pollution that a special category, called Gross Polluter, was created in law to identify these vehicles and encourage their repair. Gross Polluters are some of the worst polluting vehicles on California roadways. Half of the smog in the state is said to be […]Your vehicle owner’s manual may not sound like interesting reading material, but taking some time to review this information can potentially save you time and money. These manuals, which are commonly stored in glove compartments and are often available on manufacturers’ websites, contain important information and instructions regarding your vehicle’s maintenance and service needs. Following […]

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